The 2BoSS project, focused on the development of next-generation silicon sulfur batteries has published its first press release, which describes the event held in June 2023. 

The Silicon Sulfur Battery Living Lab was organized together with Robocoast EDIH, a Finnish Digital Innovation Hub focused on Digital Transformation with Cybersecurity, AI, Robotics & IoT.

The Living Lab event brought together key experts in the battery and mobility fields. It featured presentations from organisations like the Global Battery Alliance (GBA) and the Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA). Project partners also presented various aspects of the 2BoSS project, from the growth of silicon nanowires to life cycle assessment and circular design strategies. An interactive discussion explored challenges, barriers and strategies to enhance sustainability and circularity from design to industrial scaling. 

Read the full text here! – Stay tuned for more developments and updaes as the project progresses towards a competitive, sustainable, and circular EU battery value chain!

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