Design of self-reliant sustainable batteries

The project Toward sustainable batteries based on silicon, sulfur and biomass-derived carbon will develop an innovative battery technology and the associated recycling strategies to enable a circular use and a minimized use of critical raw materials. 2BoSS will make commercial batteries compatible with the circular economy, overcoming limitations of current lithium-ion batteries and assuring a sustainable production.

2BoSS will contribute to the carbon neutral transition by:

CRMs availability

Securing the availability of raw materials for battery manufacturing.

Recycling strategies

Developing & integrating effective strategies for recyling of their components.

Improved performance

Increasing energy capacity, density, and battery durability.

CRM dependence

Reducing dependence on CRMs and presence of dispersed and intermixed metals.

Battery materials

Designing cobalt-free based cathode and graphite-free anode.

Reduced impacts

Optimizing environmental and social impacts and contributing to a more circular economy.

ERA-MIN: European Research & Innovation program on raw materials to foster circular economy

2Boss project won a grant of ERA-MIN3 2021 call for carrying out the design of a self-reliant sustainable battery. ERA-MIN3 is a global and flexible pan-European network of 25 research funding organizations aiming to continue strengthening the mineral raw materials community through the coordination of research and innovation programs on non-fuel and non-food raw materials to contribute to secure the sustainable and responsible supply of raw materials and the EU’s transition to carbon-neutral and a circular economy.

Work in progress

WP1. Biomass-derived carbon and cathode assembly

Leader: IREC

Contributors: CEA, POLITO & CLEOPA

WP2. Silicon anode development

Leader: CEA

Contributors: IREC, POLITO & CLEOPA

WP3. Battery assembly & validation

Leader: IREC

Contributors: CEA, POLITO & CLEOPA

WP4. Battery recycling

Leader: CEA

Contributors: POLITO, IREC & CLEOPA

WP5. Life cycle & environmental assessment

Leader: POLITO

Contributors: IREC, CEA & CLEOPA

WP6.Communication, dissemination & exploitation

Leader: CLEOPA

Contributors: IREC, POLITO & CEA

WP7. Project Management

Leader: CEA

Contributors: POLITO, IREC & CLEOPA

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