The project 2BoSS ‘Toward sustainable batteries based on silicon, sulfur, and biomass-derived carbon’ is developing an innovative battery technology and the associated recycling strategies to enable a circular and minimized use of critical raw materials (CRM). The following questionnaire on behalf of the 2BoSS project are intended for professionals along the global battery value chain and users

The survey is anonymous and it is aimed to have an overview of the knowledge and expectations in regard with sulfur batteries, as well as identify their main potentials and limitations.

We appreciate if you will give us a few minutes of your time to go through the questions on 5th Generation Batteries.

We are inviting battery experts to answer our questionnaire.

If you are a battery user and you would like to know more about next generation batteries then this is the right questionnaire for you!

Thank you for supporting research in this very important way!

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